22 03 2014

i have frequently been asked what theographic means, but never really come up with a good explanation. perhaps instead of trying to craft a perfectly-worded answer, i can simply share my thought process more than decade ago when i first registered my business name;

for me, names are extremely important. i see them as proclamations and titles which create as strong an impression as a first handshake, so when naming something of my own i take great care in my deliberations. a business decision like this will have long-term consequences, it has to grow with you, encompass any number of unknown futures and yet remain embedded in the mind of your growing clientele as trustworthy, approachable, relevant, inspiring and original. it’s hard to choose a name which is able to perform under such weighty considerations, and if you are a parent you might relate to the sense of responsibility. “tommy” might be cute for your two year old, but how will it sound to his first workmates, his bride on their wedding day, or by the time he’s an eighty year old man with great-grandchildren on his knee? (incidentally my great grandfather’s name was oscar and when i found that out it forever changed my perception of him – even though he was definitely not a grouch. from that moment on, each time i saw his whiskered face with bushy eyebrows and even long curly hairs coming out of his ears  i was unable to stop picturing his head a shaggy shade of green and poking up out of a trash-can! irreverent i know,  but now you may understand my early impression of the power in a name, haha).

i wanted a business name which would properly announce my purpose every time it was spoken, typed, printed, thought of, prayed for…

it wasn’t just the meaning of the word or words which was important to me, but the way would sound, the simplicity and relevance of it, the way it might look on my business stationery, signage and advertising materials. it had to be ‘different’ and yet easily pronounced and understood. knowing it would communicate on my behalf, be my ambassador if you will, it must be elegant, and timeless, yet not too grandiose. nothing came to mind that wasn’t already ‘taken’ or perhaps unfavourably associated with other (conflicting) business and/or spiritual practises, philosophies, persons. I realised if i wanted something that really is ‘me’ i’d have to coin a term of my own.

As i am a photographer, poet and writer the ‘graphic’ part was quite obvious, and then so was the ‘theo’ part, put first of course…as in all things! (at least this is my intention and belief). and so on the 1st of July 2003 i took a trip to the little business registry office in Southport and paid my dues to the “Sunshine State” of Queensland, Australia. THEOGRAPHIC was born! proud parent moment…

now, for my fellow word-nerds i offer the following :

theo- a combining form meaning “god,” used in the formation of compound words.

Origin: < Greek, combining form of θεός (theós), God, the Creator and owner of all things

graph·ic [graf-ik] adjective.

Origin: 1630–40 < Latin graphicus -of painting or drawing < Greek graphikós -able to draw or paint -to gráph(ein) to draw, write + -ikos -ic; carve

1. giving a clear and effective picture; vivid

2. pertaining to the use of diagrams, graphs, mathematical curves, or the like; diagrammatic

3. of, pertaining to, or expressed by writing

4. written, inscribed, or drawn

5. depicted in a realistic or vivid manner



Hello blogosphere!

9 06 2011

apparently i made this blog page quite some time ago…and haven’t used it until now! good things take time 😉 hmmmm